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Text Detection, Extraction and Removal: A Survey

Published on December 2014 by Priyankadeelipwagh, D. R. Patil
National Conference on Emerging Trends in Computer Technology
Foundation of Computer Science USA
NCETCT - Number 1
December 2014
Authors: Priyankadeelipwagh, D. R. Patil

Priyankadeelipwagh, D. R. Patil . Text Detection, Extraction and Removal: A Survey. National Conference on Emerging Trends in Computer Technology. NCETCT, 1 (December 2014), 19-23.

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%0 Proceeding Article
%1 National Conference on Emerging Trends in Computer Technology
%A Priyankadeelipwagh
%A D. R. Patil
%T Text Detection, Extraction and Removal: A Survey
%J National Conference on Emerging Trends in Computer Technology
%@ 0975-8887
%N 1
%P 19-23
%D 2014
%I International Journal of Computer Applications

Text in video and images is an extremely valuable feature to extract brief knowledge of video or image. But sometimes those text components feel unnecessary, and so various methods have been proposed till a day to detect, and remove the text out of video. This paper performs an extensive survey of various techniques available for text detection and removal from video and images automatically to create visually plausible output like videos/images without any of the embedded text.

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Computer Science
Information Sciences


Text Detection Inpainting Bandlet Edge Detector Stroke Width Transformation (swt).