Call for Paper - November 2020 Edition
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Number 3 (ISBN: 973-93-80887-76-6)

# Article Title
1 A View on Data Security System for Cloud on Hadoop Framework
Authors : Karthik D, Manjunath T N, Srinivas K
2 Indian Iris Image Segmentation using Nelder-Mead Simplex Method
Authors : Anupam Tiwari, Vinay Jain
3 Generation of Test Cases based on Analysis of Simulink Stateflow Models
Authors : Basanti Minj
4 Implementing Job Scheduling to Optimize Computational Tasks in Grid Computing using PSO
Authors : Surendra Kumar Patel, Anil Kumar Sharma, Anurag Seetha
5 Framework for Green Search Engine Design
Authors : Kapil Kumar Nagwanshi, Praval Kumar Jha, Sipi Dubey
6 Database Development and Preprocessing for Handwritten Marathi Numeral Recognition
Authors : Rohit R. Pawar, Minakshi S. Bhandare, Chaitali D. Koulage
7 Comparative Analysis of Database Forensic Algorithms
Authors : Manish H. Bhagwani, Rajiv V. Dharaskar, V. M. Thakare
8 Survey on various Improved Feature Extraction and Classification Techniques on Handwritten Marathi Character Recognition
Authors : Parshuram M. Kamble, Ravindra S. Hegadi