Call for Paper - May 2023 Edition
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Number 7 (ISBN: 973-93-80868-01-8)

# Article Title
1 Autonomous Cleaning Robot
Authors : Ashish Chaple, Sujata Bhaskarwar, Ashay Bhaskarwar, Sadhana Chidarwar
2 Survey on Retargeting Techniques used in Multimedia Forensic of Mobile devices
Authors : Shashikant S. Dumbare, Sulbha Patil
3 Survey on Mobile Phone Forensics: Guidelines and Challenges in Data Preservation and Acquisition
Authors : Vinod Patil, Sulabha V. Patil
4 Survey on Digital Investigation Process Model
Authors : Sulbha V. Patil, Revati A. Parate
5 A Zero Text Watermarking Algorithm based on the Probabilistic weights for Content Authentication of Text Documents
Authors : Fahd N. Al-wesabi, Adnan Z. Alshakaf, Kulkarni U. Vasantrao
6 Neural Network - based Control Strategies Applied to a Chemical Reactor Process
Authors : Swapnaja Chidrawar, Sadhana Chidrawar
7 Multimodal Interpretation Gesture Recognition System: A Review
Authors : S. A. Chhabria, R. V. Dharaskar, V. M. Thakre
8 Self Learning Approach for assessing the potential for pesticide for diagnosis of diseases on Crops
Authors : Subhangi A. Shinde, Santosh Bothe