Call for Paper - November 2023 Edition
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NSAAILS (ISBN: 973-93-80872-71-6)

# Article Title
1 Application of Artificial Intelligence for Virtually Assisted Prognosis of Diabetes: A NODDS Project
Authors : Ankush Rai
2 Association of Nutritional Factors with Tuberculosis Treatment Outcome
Authors : Harshita Gupta, Surya Kant, Amita Jain, Savita Ahluwalia, S. M. Natu
3 Breast Cancer Diagnostic System using Hierarchical Learning Vector Quantization
Authors : R. R. Janghel, Ritu Tiwari, Anupam Shukla
4 Computational Prediction of Molecular Targets responsible for Antioxidant Activity of D-pinitol in Caenorhabditis elegans
Authors : Shailendra K Gupta, Rakesh Pandey, Madhumita Karmakar, Suchi Smita, Aakanksha Pant, Virendra Shukla, A. K. Yadav, Hema Negi, M. M. Gupta
5 Development of Computational Method to Calculate Organic Pollutant Load on Nano-Material's Surface
Authors : Madhumita Karmakar, Taruna Gupta, Krishna Pal Singh, Suchi Smita, Shailendra K Gupta
6 In silico Analysis of Binding Interaction of Antiepileptic Drugs with GABA Receptor Associated Protein of Caenorhabditis elegans
Authors : Suchi Smita
7 In Silico Survey of Genes involved in Curcuminoid Synthesis for Expression Studies in Curcuma caesia Roxb.
Authors : Neha Behar, K. L Tiwari, S. K Jadhav
8 Insilico Interaction Analysis of Single Wall Carbon Nanotube with Different Ion Channel
Authors : Karishma Banchhor, Ashish Patel, Jyotsna Choubey, M. K. Verma
9 Molecular Modeling and Docking Analysis of Novel Drug like Compounds for NDM-1
Authors : Amrit Jagyasi, Jyotsna Choubey, Ashish Patel, M. K. Verma
10 Structural and Dynamic Insights into S100B Protein Activity Inhibition by Melittin for the Treatment of Epilepsy
Authors : Neeraj Verma, Madhumita Karmakar, Krishna P Singh, Suchi Smita
11 Identification of Common Target Proteins for Multiple Neurodegenerative Disorders and Reconstruction of Disease Pathway
Authors : Khurshid Ahmad, Mohd. Hassan Baig, Saif Khan, A. K. Srivastava
12 Insilico Docking Analysis of Nitrogen Containing Bisphosphonate with Human Fernasyl Pyrophosphate Synthase
Authors : Jyotsna Choubey, Ashish Patel, M. K. Verma