Intelligent Refrigerator with Monitoring Capability through Internet

Wireless Information Networks & Business Information System
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Number 2 - Article 7
Year of Publication: 2011
G.Subramanya Nayak
Puttamadappa C

Gangadhar, G.Subramanya Nayak and Puttamadappa C. Intelligent Refrigerator with Monitoring Capability through Internet. IJCA Special Issue on Wireless Information Networks & Business Information System (2):65–68, 2011. Full text available. BibTeX

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In conventional or standard refrigerator there is no system of automatically monitoring the materials or food items and also it will not replace immediately. An intelligent refrigerator is one which possesses self monitoring capability of food item or material with minimal or no human intervention. Such a product should have the capability of automatically detecting and alerting the consumer of the need to restock or replenish dwindling supplies. In our system the refrigerator automatically keeps the track of the amount of empty space, and therefore indirectly the amount of items in refrigerator compartments. The system will automatically inform the owner about the status of the refrigerator through short massage service (SMS) and also shop owner through the fast Ethernet network. The system also has LCD display screen and buzzer on the door of the refrigerator. LCD display screen displays the message when the items are over and at the same time buzzer is on, which indicates to home members about the stock of the refrigerator


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