Call for Paper - July 2023 Edition
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Number 3 (ISBN: 978-93-80864-98-7)

# Article Title
1 Fitness Value Optimization for Disc Set in Board Game through Evolutionary Learning
Authors :Dharm Singh, Chirag S Thaker, Sanjay M Shah
2 Optimization of Fitness Function through Evolutionary Game Learning
Authors :Sanjay M Shah, Dharm Singh, Chirag S Thaker
3 Heuristic based Negotiation in Multi-Agent System for Cellular Network
Authors :Megha Kamble, Roopam Gupta
4 Performance Comparison of OLSR and Fisheye in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors :Harish Kumar, Harish Kumar, R.K. Singla
5 Restoration of Saturated SAR Data
Authors :Navneet Agrawal, K.Venugopalan
6 Optimized Solutions for Routing Issue in IEEE 802.11 based Wireless Mesh Networks using Cooperative Game Theory and Bargaining Solutions
Authors :Raveenpal Kaur, Gurpal Singh
7 Efficient Classification of SOM – Based Speech Recognition System
Authors :R.L.K.Venkateswarlu, R. Vasantha Kumari, A.K.V.Nagayya