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IEEE 802.11 Based MAC Improvements for MANET

Published on None 2010 by Ajay Dureja, Aman Dureja, Meha Khera
Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
Foundation of Computer Science USA
MANETS - Number 2
None 2010
Authors: Ajay Dureja, Aman Dureja, Meha Khera

Ajay Dureja, Aman Dureja, Meha Khera . IEEE 802.11 Based MAC Improvements for MANET. Mobile Ad-hoc Networks. MANETS, 2 (None 2010), 54-57.

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%0 Special Issue Article
%1 Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
%A Ajay Dureja
%A Aman Dureja
%A Meha Khera
%T IEEE 802.11 Based MAC Improvements for MANET
%J Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
%@ 0975-8887
%N 2
%P 54-57
%D 2010
%I International Journal of Computer Applications

Broadcasting is one of the essential communication models of MANETs. Many MANET multicast routing protocols rely heavily upon MAC layer's broadcast support. However, the broadcast mechanism of the standard IEEE 802.11 cannot provide reliable broadcasting service. In this paper, we improve the IEEE 802.11 broadcast mechanism's reliability by introducing the new layer of MAC called Dual MAC.

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