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3D Face Recognition using Gaussian Hermite Moments

Published on September 2012 by Naouar Belghini, Arsalane Zarghili, Jamal Kharroubi
Software Engineering, Databases and Expert Systems
Foundation of Computer Science USA
SEDEX - Number 1
September 2012
Authors: Naouar Belghini, Arsalane Zarghili, Jamal Kharroubi

Naouar Belghini, Arsalane Zarghili, Jamal Kharroubi . 3D Face Recognition using Gaussian Hermite Moments. Software Engineering, Databases and Expert Systems. SEDEX, 1 (September 2012), 1-4.

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%0 Special Issue Article
%1 Software Engineering, Databases and Expert Systems
%A Naouar Belghini
%A Arsalane Zarghili
%A Jamal Kharroubi
%T 3D Face Recognition using Gaussian Hermite Moments
%J Software Engineering, Databases and Expert Systems
%@ 0975-8887
%N 1
%P 1-4
%D 2012
%I International Journal of Computer Applications

Face recognition is an interesting issue in pattern recognition. In this paper, we propose a method for face recognition using 3D depth information. The goal is to get minimum features and produce a good recognition rates. We extract 3D clouds points from 3d vrml face Database, then the nose tip for each sample is detected and considered as new origin of the coordinate system, Gaussian Hermite Moments are applied to characterize each individual and Back propagation neural network is applied for the recognition task. Experimental results shows that Gaussian Hermite moments with global depth information perform significantly better than another method based on local depth information, in this study we consider the case of using ratios of distances and angles between manually selected facial fiducial points.

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Gaussian Hermite Moments 3d Face Recognition Back Propagation Neural Network