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Performance Comparison of AODV, DSR and ANODR for Grid Placement Model

International Journal of Computer Applications
© 2010 by IJCA Journal
Number 12 - Article 2
Year of Publication: 2010
Syed Basha Shaik
S. P. Setty

Syed Basha Shaik and S P Setty. Article:Performance Comparison of AODV, DSR and ANODR for Grid Placement Model. International Journal of Computer Applications 11(12):6–9, December 2010. Published By Foundation of Computer Science. BibTeX

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A mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is an autonomous collection of mobile devices that communicate over relatively bandwidth constrained wireless links. Since the nodes are mobile, the network topology may change rapidly and unpredictably over time. Two nodes that are out of one another’s transmission range need the support of intermediate nodes which relay messages to set up a communication between each other. This resulted in inventing different routing techniques classified as proactive, reactive and hybrid routing protocols. The reactive routing protocols got much significance because of their low storage requirements and high mobility. AODV and DSR are two such protocols which are being mostly used. The ANODR protocol is a relatively new concept which provides route anonymity and location privacy in addition to on- demand routing capability. In this paper we are exposing the performance of these three protocols in Grid node placement model using QualNet Simulator.


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