Call for Paper - January 2023 Edition
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Number 17 (ISBN: 973-93-80886-28-3)

# Article Title
1 A Review of Textile and Cloth Fabric Wearable Antennas
Authors : Ankita Priya, Ayush Kumar, Brajlata Chauhan
2 Multi-Density based Incremental Clustering
Authors : Lanka Pradeep, A. M. Sowjanya
3 Numerical Investigation of the Influence of Water Depth on Ship Resistance
Authors : Pritam Kumar Patel, M Premchand
4 Sentence Formation in NLP Engine on the Basis of Indian Sign Language using Hand Gestures
Authors : Sumeet R. Agarwal, Sagarkumar B. Agrawal, Akhtar M. Latif
5 Computing Pattern in Pervasive Healthcare
Authors : Sriram R, Madhusudanan J, Prasanna Venkatesan V, Geetha S
6 FPGA Implementation of a High Speed Multiplier Employing Carry Lookahead Adders in Reduction Phase
Authors : Abhay Sharma
7 A Novel Approach for Mobile Devices in Accessing Web Services
Authors : Dinesh Krishna Andhalkar, R. W. Deshpande, S. A. Nalawade
8 An Improved Image Steganography Technique using Quantized Range Table Pixel Value Differencing
Authors : Munish Kumar, Sukhjit Singh