Call for Paper - January 2023 Edition
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Number 23 (ISBN: 973-93-80886-40-6)

# Article Title
1 Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of a Deorbit Maneuver Considering Propulsion, TPS, and Trajectory
Authors : Amirhossein Adami, Mahdi Mortazavi, Mehran Nosratollahi
2 Detection of Firewall Policy Anomalies in Real-time Distributed Network Security Appliances
Authors : Ameya Hanamsagar, Bhagyashree Borate, Ninad Jane, Aditi Wasvand, Santosh Darade
3 A Survey on Various Classification Techniques for Clinical Decision Support System
Authors : Chaitali Vaghela, Nikita Bhatt, Darshana Mistry
4 Modeling and Simulation of a Wind-diesel Hybrid Power System for Isolated Areas
Authors : Khaireddine Allali, El-bahi Azzag, Nabil Kahoul
5 Model of Social Networking Information System making use of User's Location and Interface for Mobile Computing
Authors : Apoorv Prasad, Mahesh Kumar Haldar
6 Exploration to the Issues Associated with Different Coverage Methods in WSN
Authors : Amit Sharma
7 Impact of Hello Interval on Performance of AODV Protocol
Authors : Nisha Bhanushali, Priyanka Thakkar, Prasanna Shete
8 Multi-objective Design of Induction Motor using Harmony Search Optimization
Authors : P.S. Prakash, P. Aravindhababu
9 Examining the Performance of Vertical Fragmentation using FP-MAX Algorithm
Authors : Nidhi Thakur, Balwant Ram