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Number 14 (ISBN: 973-93-80888-13-7)

# Article Title
1 DSP based Pulse Generation for Induction Motor Speed Control
Authors : Hardik A. Shah, Satish K. Shah, Viranchi C Pandya
2 An Unobservable On-demand Routing Protocol with Trust Management Mechanism
Authors : Rajani B. Patil, Dhanashree Kulkarni
3 A Research Paper on Steganography in IPV6
Authors : Lalit Mohan Joshi, Amit Yadav, Sumit Sharma
4 On Quasi Soft Semi #ga-Open and Quasi Soft Semi #ga-Closed Functions in Soft Topological Spaces
Authors : V. Kokilavani, M. Vivek Prabu
5 Study of Congestion Control in Multi-Flow in MANET
Authors : Alok Kumar Dwivedi, Gaurishankar Prajapati
6 Air Fryer using Fuzzy Logic
Authors : Abha Tewari, Kiran Israni, Monica Tolani
7 The Performance Evaluation of 802. 15. 3a UWB Channel Model with Different Rake Receiver Fingers of Maximal Ratio Combiner Scheme
Authors : Sachin Taran, Dhiraj Nitnaware
8 Effective Performance of Location Aided Routing Protocol on Random Walk (RW) Mobility Model using Constant Bit Rate (CBR)
Authors : Ravi Kumar Verma, Ashish Xavier Das, A. K. Jaiswal