Call for Paper - June 2022 Edition
IJCA solicits original research papers for the June 2022 Edition. Last date of manuscript submission is May 20, 2022. Read More

Volume 127

Number 1

Editor's choice: LOKS: Low-Overhead Forward and Backward Key Secrecy in WSNs
Author : Malvika Ashok, Rohit Vaid

Number 2

Editor's choice: Quarter Car Active Suspension System Control using Fuzzy Controller tuned by PSO
Author : Wissam H. Al-Mutar, Turki Y. Abdalla

Number 3

Number 4

Editor's choice: Analysis of the Stationary and Transient Behavior of a Photovoltaic Solar Array: Modeling and Simulation
Author : Carlos D. Rodríguez Gallegos, Manuel S. Alvarez Alvarado

Number 5

Number 6

Editor's choice: An Efficient Duplication Record Detection Algorithm for Data Cleansing
Author : Arfa Skandar, Mariam Rehman, Maria Anjum

Number 7

Editor's choice: Aided 3D Facial Restoration for Plastic Surgery Planning using Elastic Radial Curves
Author : Hermessi Haithem, Mourali Olfa

Number 8

Editor's choice: Coordinator Location Effects in AODV Routing Protocol in ZigBee Mesh Network
Author : Abla Hussein, Ghassan Samara

Number 9

Number 10

Number 11

Editor's choice: Chaos Image Encryption based on DCT Transforms and Henon Map
Author : Abdullah M. Awad, Rehab F. Hassan, Ali M. Sagheer

Number 12

Editor's choice: On Effectiveness of an Optimal Antiviral Bitherapy in HBV-HDV Coinfection Model
Author : Omar Zakary, Mostafa Rachik, Ilias Elmouki

Number 13

Number 14

Number 15

Number 16

Number 17

Number 18