Call for Paper - July 2022 Edition
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Number 5 (ISBN: 973-93-80889-94-5)

# Article Title
1 Cost Analysis of a Two-Unit Cold Standby System Considering Hardware, Software Failures and Inspection with Maximum Repair Time
Authors : M.A.W. Mahmoud, M.Y. Haggag, A.E.B. Abd Elghany
2 Efficient Proximity Search with Query Logs
Authors : Sushilkumar N. Holambe, Bhagyashri G. Patil
3 A Study of Different Ranking Approaches for Semantic Search
Authors : Darshan Bhansali, Harsh Desai, Khushali Deulkar
4 Comparative Study of Semantic Search Techniques using RDF
Authors : Salil C. Damle, Shreyas S. Kupekar, Khushali Deulkar
5 A Novel Approach to Assimilate VANET Communication using (WAVE) Wireless Access Vehicular Environment Protocol
Authors : G. Jaya Suma, R.V.S. Lalitha
6 A Discrete Wavelet Transform: A Steganographic Method for Transmitting Images
Authors : M.A. Wakure, Anilkumar N. Holambe
7 IoT Empowered Real Time Environment Monitoring System
Authors : Athena Karumbaya, Gowri Satheesh
8 A Dynamic K-means Algorithm for Searching Conserved Encrypted Data in a Cloud
Authors : Avinash C., Hasritha P., Abhinay J.