Call for Paper - May 2023 Edition
IJCA solicits original research papers for the May 2023 Edition. Last date of manuscript submission is April 20, 2023. Read More

Volume 130

Number 1

Editor's choice: Impact of Trend and Seasonality in Forecasting of 5 MW PV Plant Generation using Single Exponential Smoothing Method
Author : Vikas Pratap Singh, Vivek Vijay, B. Ravindra, M. Siddhartha Bhatt

Number 2

Editor's choice: Local Outlier Factor based Data Mining Model for Three Phase Transmission Lines Faults Identification
Author : Tan Yong Sing, Emran Bin Siraj Syahrel, Pratap Nair Marimuthu, Raman Raguraman, K. Nithiyananthan

Number 3

Editor's choice: Transmit Power Minimization using Fuzzy Rule based System in Relay Assisted Cognitive Radio Networks
Author : Kiran Sultan, Bassam A. Zafar, Babar Sultan

Number 4

Editor's choice: Blind Audio Source Separation: State-of-Art
Author : Abouzid Houda, Chakkor Otman

Number 5

Number 6

Editor's choice: In Silico Multivariate Regressio n Analysis and Validation Studies on Selective MMP-13 Inhibitors
Author : G. Nirmala, A. Yesubabu, P. Seetharamaiah

Number 7

Editor's choice: Some Theorems for Feed Forward Neural Networks
Author : K. Eswaran, Vishwajeet Singh

Number 8

Editor's choice: Modeling a Honeybee using Spiking Neural Network to Simulate Nectar Reporting Behavior
Author : Subha Fernando, Nishantha Kumarasinghe

Number 9

Number 10

Number 11

Editor's choice: Components of Heuristic Strategy: Evaluation of Stories with DST tool on Touch Screen Tablet
Author : Hashiroh Hussain, Norshuhada Shiratuddin

Number 12

Number 13

Editor's choice: Integration of GPS and Cellular Technologies for Development of Smart Public Transport Network
Author : Rajani Mohan Suryavanshi, Rohan Koul

Number 14

Editor's choice: A Novel Text Categorization Approach based on K-means and Support Vector Machine
Author : Rajesh Malviya, Pranita Jain

Number 15

Number 16

Number 17

Editor's choice: An Ensemble approach on Missing Value Handling in Hepatitis Disease Dataset
Author : Sridevi Radhakrishnan, D. Shanmuga Priyaa