Call for Paper - January 2024 Edition
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Volume 134

Number 1

Editor's choice: Inserting Photovoltaic Solar Energy to an Automated Irrigation System
Author : J.P. Reges, E.J. Braga, L.C. Dos S. Mazza, A.R. De Alexandria

Number 2

Editor's choice: Optimization of Mobile Agent using Genetic Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Network
Author : Harveen Kaur, Mandeep Singh Sra

Number 3

Editor's choice: Plagiarism Checker: Text Mining
Author : Anu Saini, Ankita Bahl, Supriya Kumari, Mitali Singh

Number 4

Editor's choice: Extending Parikh q-matrices
Author : Somnath Bera, Kalpana Mahalingam

Number 5

Number 6

Number 7

Number 8

Editor's choice: Comparison of Leakage Power Reduction Techniques in 65nm Technologies
Author : Vikas Singhai, Saima Ayyub, Paresh Rawat

Number 9

Editor's choice: FPGA Implementation of Pseudo Noise Sequences based on Quadratic Residue Theory
Author : A. Rajagopal, K.L. Sudha, Dundi Ajay

Number 10

Editor's choice: Tuning and Optimizing Network File System Server Performance
Author : Ghania Al Sadi

Number 11

Number 12

Editor's choice: Optimizing and Enhancing Performance of MVC Architecture based on Data Clustering Technique
Author : Md. Hafizur Rahman, Faisal Bin Al Abid, M. Naderuzzaman, Md. Arifur Rahman, Md. Masud Reza

Number 13

Editor's choice: Star Schema Advantages on Data Warehouse: Using Bitmap Index and Partitioned Fact Tables
Author : Emany Sidi, Mohamed El Merouani, El Amin A. Abdelouarit

Number 14

Editor's choice: Towards the Application of Big Data: A New Way to make Data Driven Healthcare Decision
Author : Tanvir Ahammad, Md. Sajib Al Mamun, Mehnaz Tabassum

Number 15

Editor's choice: Trajectory Tracking Control for Robot Manipulator using Fractional Order-Fuzzy-PID Controller
Author : Reham H. Mohammed, Fahmy Bendary, Kamel Elserafi

Number 16