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Number 9 (ISBN: 973-93-80891-25-6)

# Article Title
1 A Survey on Different VM Scheduling Approach in Cloud Computing Environment
Authors : Prafulla Chakankar, Nishchol Mishra, Sanjeev Sharma
2 Overview of Routing Protocols in VANET
Authors : Dhyey Patel, Mohd. Faisal Khan, Priyanka Batavia, Sidharth Makhija, M. Mani Roja
3 An Efficient Image Watermarking Approach based on Fourier Transform
Authors : Methaq T. Gaata
4 Efficient Scalable Image Compression Algorithms with Low Memory and Complexity
Authors : Ali Kadhim Jaber Al-Janabi, Abdulkareem Abdulrahman Kadhim
5 An approach for Skew Detection using Hough Transform
Authors : Bhavesh Kumar Shukla, Gautam Kumar, Ashish Kumar
6 Parallel Algorithm for Finding Inverse of a Matrix and its Application in Message Sharing (Coding Theory)
Authors : Shruti Saraf, Swati Dhingra, Greetta Pinheiro
7 Emoticon Analysis with Dynamic Text based Opinion Mining
Authors : Sanam Kadge, Saba Panchbhai, Sakina Padghawala, Kausar Chhipa
8 Interactive Image Segmentation using Color and Texture Features
Authors : Sajan Kor, Pramod Kumar Sethy