Call for Paper - November 2019 Edition
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Number 7 (ISBN: 973-93-80891-53-3)

# Article Title
1 Automated of 74-inch Kottamia Telescope Dome based on Fuzzy Logic Due to Online Weather Station Data
Authors : I.M. Selim, Nasser Ahmed, Maha Lashin
2 Design and Analysis of Real-time Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention System using Open Source Tools
Authors : Ammad Uddin, Laiq Hasan
3 A Security Testing Framework for Scrum based Projects
Authors : Nagy Ramadan Darwish, Ihab Mohamed Abdelwahab
4 Vulnerability Bandwidth Depletion Attack on Distributed Cloud Computing Network: A QoS Perspective
Authors : K.C. Okafor, Joy Anulika Okoye, Gordon Ononiwu
5 Biometrics System based Human Identification using STR DNA Marker
Authors : Saja Dheyaa Khudhur, Muayad Sadik Croock
6 Load Frequency Control of Multi - area Hybrid Power System by Artificial Intelligence Techniques
Authors : Kassim A. Al-Anbarri, Abbas H. Miri, Sarah Abbas Hussain
7 Software based Method to Specify the Extreme Learning Machine Network Architecture Targeting Hardware Platforms
Authors : Alaa M. Abdul-Hadi, Abdullah M. Zyarah, Haider M. Abdul-Hadi
8 Knowledge Discovery by Decision Tree to Model the Rate of Drug Release from Matrix Substrates
Authors : Parastoo Namdarian, Azadeh Asefnejad, Fardad Farokhi