Call for Paper - November 2022 Edition
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Number 11 (ISBN: 973-93-80893-27-8)

# Article Title
1 VoteTrust: A System to Defend against Social Network Sybils in Facebook
Authors : Priyanka, Deepthi K.
2 Data Mining in DHCP Security
Authors : D. Radha, R. Jayaparvathy, M. Shanmughi, V. Jothilakshmi
3 Analysis of FM/M(a,b)/1/MWV/Br Queueing Model
Authors : K. Julia Rose Mary, R. Rajalakshmi, J. Pavithra
4 Voltage Stability Assessment using GVSM and Preventive Control using SVC
Authors : Ankit Kumar Sharma, Akash Saxena, Rajive Tiwari
5 A Trainless Recognition of Handwritten Persian/Arabic Letters using Primitive Elements
Authors : Mehrdad Moradi, Mohammad Eshghi, Karim Shahbazi
6 Sentiment Analysis on Product Reviews using Hadoop
Authors : Jalpa Mehta, Jayesh Patil, Rutesh Patil, Mansi Somani, Sheel Varma
7 Recent Research on Wireless Body Area Networks: A Survey
Authors : Sachi N. Shah, Rutvij H. Jhaveri
8 User Next Web Page Recommendation using Weight based Prediction
Authors : Arvind Verma, Balwant Prajapat