Call for Paper - January 2023 Edition
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Number 8 (ISBN: 973-93-80893-24-0)

# Article Title
1 Named Entity Recognition in Assamese
Authors : Padmaja Sharma, Utpal Sharma, Jugal Kalita
2 Utilizing Cellular Infrastructure for Spying of Smart Phones
Authors : Sheikh Riyaz Ul Haq, Syed Imtiyaz Hassan
3 Survey Paper on Random surfer model in Page Ranking Algorithm
Authors : Suthar Henilkumar D., Rajendra J. Patel, Nikhil Kumar Singh
4 Secure and Efficient Authentication Scheme for Cloud Computing
Authors : Mohamed M. Zarad, Ahmed A. Abdel-Hafez, Ahmed H. Hassanein
5 An Efficient Max-Min Resource Allocator and Task Scheduling Algorithm in Cloud Computing Environment
Authors : J. Kok Konjaang, J.Y. Maipan-uku, Kumangkem Kennedy Kubuga
6 Performance Study of Energy Recovery Logic and Conventional CMOS Full Adder
Authors : Baljinder Kaur, Narinder Sharma
7 A New Method for Symmetric Key Cryptography
Authors : B. Nagaraju, P. Ramkumar
8 Review on Forward Secure Identity based Ring Signature for Data Sharing in the Cloud
Authors : Priti Rumao, Sumedh Pundkar