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A Proposed Framework for Photos Copyright Protection in Facebook

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2017
Mohammad Alaa Hussain Al-Hamami

Mohammad Alaa Hussain Al-Hamami. A Proposed Framework for Photos Copyright Protection in Facebook. International Journal of Computer Applications 162(1):6-10, March 2017. BibTeX

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Because of the huge number of users, Facebook becomes the largest social network on earth. Although, Facebook is continuously developing its features but doesn’t provide yet a suitable mechanism to protect the content copyright in an automatic way.

This paper suggests a framework proposal to protect the copyright of photos in Facebook. This will be done by adding a watermark to photo that will be uploaded. The watermark contains the name of the profile that uploaded photo and date of posting it. This profile will be considered as the owner of the photo on Facebook. If the uploaded photo already contains a Facebook watermark, the profile that already owned the photo will be notified by Facebook that there is another profile trying to upload the same photo. The original owner will decide to give the permission for the photo to be posted again on Facebook or not. If the photo’s owner allows the photo to be posted the watermark information will be displayed in the post. The system doesn't allow the new user to put his/her water mark on the photo. In this way, even if a profile posted a watermarked photo it will be clear to everyone who is the original owner and when the profile posted it.


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Digital Watermark, Photo Copyright, Facebook Watermark, Photo Owner, Proposed Framework.