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A Survey on Security Issues and the Existing Solutions in Big Data

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2017
Pooja Chaudhary, Virendra Kumar Yadav

Pooja Chaudhary and Virendra Kumar Yadav. A Survey on Security Issues and the Existing Solutions in Big Data. International Journal of Computer Applications 162(1):33-37, March 2017. BibTeX

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Big data refers different-different type of data, i.e., structured data means Relational Data, Semi-structured data means XML and unstructured data example :-Word, PDF, Text, Audio, Video etc. Here I have describe only one aspect of big data; other attributes are volume, velocity, value, and veracity. Security is technology issues, which seems to be resolvable in the near-term, but represent long term challenges that require research and new paradigms. This technology needs to be more improvement in terms of development because it suffers from different security problems. This paper will discuss about different security problems and define existing solution.


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Issue in Big data Security, Issue in Hadoop Security, TLS and Mc-TLS, Performance Evaluation