Call for Paper - November 2022 Edition
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Number 11 (ISBN: 973-93-80896-41-3)

# Article Title
1 Approaches towards Building a Banking Assistant
Authors : Kiner B. Shah, Mohit S. Shetty, Darshan P. Shah, Rajni Pamnani
2 A Survey Paper on Concept Mining in Text Documents
Authors : K. N. S. S. V. Prasad, S. K. Saritha, Dixa Saxena
3 Survey Paper on Feature Extraction Methods in Text Categorization
Authors : Dixa Saxena, S. K. Saritha, K. N. S. S. V. Prasad
4 Connectivity Maintenance of a Set of Agents through MST-based Algorithm
Authors : Cézanne Alves, Warley Gramacho Da Silva, Rafael Lima De Carvalho
5 Power Aware Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks by using Power Aware Matrices
Authors : Navin Mani Upadhyay, Kumari Soni, Arvind Kumar
6 An Expedition on Implementing the Cloud Data Centre using Shared Memory of Mobile Storage by Virtualization
Authors : Nazmus Sakib, Raihan Ahmed, Tanvir Ahmed, Fahad Bin Islam
7 Object Recognition based on Template Matching and Correlation Method in Hyperspectral Images
Authors : Divya Gupta, Sudhir Goswami
8 Design and Implementation Different Types of Turbo Decoder with Various Parameters
Authors : Samir Jasim Mohammed, Ansam Abbas Obaid