Call for Paper - July 2023 Edition
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Number 10 (ISBN: 973-93-80896-94-5)

# Article Title
1 Ambient Artificial Intelligence
Authors : Shashank Agnihotri, Anshul Agarwal
2 Experiment of Query Optimization Techniques to get the Efficient Query
Authors : Luqman Hakim, Suryanto Nugroho, Sigit Hadi Waluyo
3 Human Emotion Recognition using ANN
Authors : Renuka S. Lodha, M. A. Mechkul
4 Comparative Analysis of Recurrent Networks for Pattern Storage and Recalling of Static Images
Authors : Jay Kant Pratap Singh Yadav, Laxman Singh, Zainul Abdin Jaffery
5 Enhancing the Peer to Peer File Access Availability in Manet through Replication Strategy
Authors : Kalyani P. Daberao, S. S. Hatkar
6 Reliable and Secured Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks using Active Trust
Authors : Sneha K., Akhila S.
7 An Anchor based Data Collection Algorithm for Improving LifeTime Ratio of WSN
Authors : Geethanjali R. C., Sarika Tale
8 Efficient Algorithm for the Detection of a Brain Tumor from an MRI Images
Authors : Ammar A. Radhi
9 Text Recognition using Image Segmentation and Neural Network
Authors : Ammar A. Radhi