Call for Paper - December 2021 Edition
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Number 8 (ISBN: 973-93-80897-03-9)

# Article Title
1 Outlier Detection in Vehicle Trajectories
Authors : Vaishali Mirge, Kesari Verma, Shubhrata Gupta
2 A Novel Approach for Improving Security by Digital Signature and Image Steganography
Authors : Sarika Sharma, V. Kapoor
3 Block based Image Steganography using Entropy with LSB and 2-bit Identical Approach
Authors : Manoj Kumar, Gursewak Singh
4 Topology Mapping using Multidimensional Scaling to Improve Routing Quality
Authors : Poornima G., Suresh Babu, K. B. Raja, K. R. Venugopal
5 Design and Implementation of Hierarchical Multi-Class Emotion Classification Model
Authors : Nidhi Jathar, Abhilasha Vyas
6 Partial Least Square based Improved Intrusion Detection System
Authors : S. M. Sangve, U. V. Kulkarni
7 Novel Hybrid Cryptography for Confidentiality, Integrity, Authentication
Authors : Avinash Jain, V. Kapoor
8 On The Spot: An Android Application for Personal Safety, Location Based Alarms and Location Based Reminders
Authors : Nishi Tiku, Neha Menon, Dhanashri Phatak, Venkatesh Vaasudhevan