Call for Paper - January 2023 Edition
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Number 7 (ISBN: 973-93-80897-23-7)

# Article Title
1 Analysis of Communities Detection Algorithms in Complex Networks
Authors : Moises Bruno L. Bissoto, Ary Henrique M. Oliveira, Glenda M. Botelho
2 Dynamic Job Ordering and Slot Configuration for MapReduce Workloads
Authors : Sonali S. Birajadar, B. M. Patil, V. M. Chandode
3 Efficient Scheduling System for a Company’s Dispatch Trucks
Authors : M. O. Babatunde, E. A. Adedokun, Ajayi Ore-ofe
4 An Approach towards Crop Management using DM and Image Processing
Authors : Suraj Balwan, Ajinkya Kunjir, Mahesh Malwade
5 Incremental Temporal Mining using Incremental TPMiner and Incremental P-TPMiner Algorithms
Authors : R. V. Argiddi, Sonali Vijaykumar Rampure
6 Iris Recognition System based on Multi-resolution Analysis and Support Vector Machine
Authors : Manisha Nirgude, Sachine Gengaje
7 The College Chatbot
Authors : Darshil Gada, Yash Mehta, Riddhish Shah, Mohan Sharma, Aayush Shah
8 Proposed Architecture Diagrams for Analyzing Semantic Web Search Engine for E-Learning Environments
Authors : Elsaeed E. AbdElrazek