Call for Paper - May 2019 Edition
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Number 11 (ISBN: 973-93-80897-96-8)

# Article Title
1 Design and Implementation of IOT based Smart Security and Monitoring for Connected Smart Farming
Authors : Laxmi S. Shabadi, Hemavati B. Biradar
2 Design and Implementation an Automated System for Analyzing Brushstrokes to Distinguish between Van Gogh and his Contemporaries by using Swarm Intelligent Method
Authors : Laheeb Mohammed Ibrahim
3 Optimizing Association Rule using Genetic Algorithm and Data Sampling Approach
Authors : Devyani Ojha, Pragya Pandey
4 A Comparative Analysis of Supervised Machine Learning Methods using Disaster Datasets
Authors : Mullapudi Raghu Ram, Potnuru Sai Anish, Burada Basant
5 Virtual Personal Trainer using Microsoft Kinect and Machine Learning
Authors : Rashmi A. Rane, Neel Potnis, Shrawani Sansare, Neekait Mokashi, Sumit Patil
6 Object Tracking and Suspicious Activity Identification during Occlusion
Authors : Ravi Teja Yakkali, Raunaq Nayar, S. Indu
7 Design of Nova Decoder for H.265/HEVC
Authors : Anuradha Savadi, Raju Yanamshetti, Sherqua Asma
8 Review of the Various Optimized Access Control Techniques for Big Data in Cloud Environment
Authors : Roslin Dayana K., Vigilson Prem M.