Call for Paper - September 2022 Edition
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Number 50 (ISBN: 973-93-80899-96-0)

# Article Title
1 An Analysis of Malware Classification Technique by using Machine Learning
Authors : P. S. S. Siva Krishna, P. Venkateswara Rao
2 Brain Tumor Detection, Classification, Tracking and 3D Modelling
Authors : Aman Doshi, Miloni Shash, Sonia Patel, Zaheed Shaikh
3 Evaluation of Student Performance for Future Perspective in terms of Higher Studies using Fuzzy logic Approach
Authors : Gargi Agarwal, Sakshi Gupta, Ashish Agrawal
4 E-management Educational System based on Mobile Cloud Computing
Authors : Hanan Rezk, Ahmed E. Amin, Maha D. Elmorshdy
5 Applying Parallel Design Patterns on Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Authors : Nilesh Maltare, Vithal N. Kamat
6 Searching Techniques over Encrypted Cloud Data
Authors : Azza A. Abdo, Shereen Saleh, Passent Elkafrawy
7 Securing Internet Voting Protocol using Implicit Security Model and One Time Password
Authors : Shumeza Abidi, Amit Saxena
8 A Proposed New Framework for Securing Cloud Data on Multiple Infrastructures using Erasure Coding, Dispersal Technique and Encryption
Authors : Frimpong Twum, J. B. Hayfron-Acquah, J. K. Panford
9 Intelligent Entity Coordinator
Authors : Kritika, Gagan Upadhyay, Tushar, Shubham
10 Soccer Analytics using Machine Learning
Authors : Abha Tewari, Tushar Parwani, Ajinkya Phanse, Akshay Sharma, Anush Shetty
11 Applications of Non-Linear Controllers for Improving Distribution Networks Performances
Authors : Abdul-Jabbar Fathel Ali