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A Review on Patient Centric Meta-Search Engine for Quality of Care Services

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2019
Sagar A. Raut, Sandeep B. Gaware, Deepak D. Shivarkar, Gaurav S. Hambardikar, Syed Ahmed

Sagar A Raut, Sandeep B Gaware, Deepak D Shivarkar, Gaurav S Hambardikar and Syed Ahmed. A Review on Patient Centric Meta-Search Engine for Quality of Care Services. International Journal of Computer Applications 182(47):34-37, April 2019. BibTeX

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Current scenario in India people don’t know the actual service cost of any hospital. About 50 to 60 percent people in India are poor and middle class. They cannot afford the service charges provided by the hospital. The service charges of every hospital varies. People face difficulties in searching the hospital which provides quality services in minimum price. Most of the people pay unnecessary charges to those hospitals rather than other hospitals which provides same services in low price. Proposed system gives solution to all the above problems. The system compares multiple hospitals based on the area, services, cost, ratings or reviews. According to the people requirements it provides list of hospitals in filtered format. Based on the results people can decide which hospital provides the same services in minimum cost. Our proposed system works on the basis of Meta Search Engine, web mining algorithms like content based and usage based.


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Content based page ranking, usage based page ranking, meta-search engine, two phase page ranking phase page ranking.