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International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2021
Harsh Kumar, Assad Mujawar, Priya Shetty, Srushtijadhav, Mrunal Fatangare

Harsh Kumar, Assad Mujawar, Priya Shetty, Srushtijadhav and Mrunal Fatangare. i-Kisaan. International Journal of Computer Applications 183(15):26-29, July 2021. BibTeX

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We here propose web portal for our farmer to help them in increasing their profit margin. So basically, the aim of the webpage is to provide the basic information about the crop prize bythe wholesaler. Also, the best crop selection according to the area, soil, climate of the region. It has a loan wavier facility which will provide them the proper loan information for farmers in their area. In this there will be a separate login for the wholesalers so that they can also gain a profit and the farmers can login and enter their product name (e.g., onion) and they will be with the information of the wholesaler of their product and also the price of the product, so that they Can make some profit out of it.


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FARMER, wholesaler, banking, pest control, market price, wholesale