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A Hybrid Cryptographic Scheme of Modified Vigenère Cipher using Randomized Approach for Enhancing Data Security

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2021
Sazzad Hossain Saju, Sayed Mahmudul Haque, Liakot Hossain Lingcon

Sazzad Hossain Saju, Sayed Mahmudul Haque and Liakot Hossain Lingcon. A Hybrid Cryptographic Scheme of Modified Vigenère Cipher using Randomized Approach for Enhancing Data Security. International Journal of Computer Applications 183(2):1-8, May 2021. BibTeX

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Vigenère cipher is an ancient elementary method that uses a series of Caesar shifting for encrypting plaintext to ciphertext protecting it from adversaries. However, a frequency analysis attack is vulnerable in this type of cipher technique. This paper aims to enhance the security of the Vigenère cipher in a hybrid cryptosystem using a randomized approach including pseudorandom substitution, rearranging, padding, etc. In this approach, a complex key generation algorithm is used that generates a pair of subkeys from an input key. One of the subkeys, Subkey1 is used to generate an intermediate ciphertext. The other key, Subkey2 is used to further scramble the ciphertext. The slightest change in the input symmetric key produces an entirely different key pair. Hence, different encrypted results. It also increases the ranges of characters that Vigenère cipher can encrypt by including all ASCII and extended ASCII. Finally, the symmetric key is encrypted with the public key of RSA solving the key distribution problem of the symmetric cipher. This enhanced and modified Vigenère cipher in the hybrid cryptosystem overcomes all limitations of classical cipher and acts as a bridge between classical and modern cryptography.


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Caesar Cipher, Vigenère Cipher, Encryption, Decryption, Key, Plaintext, Ciphertext, Cryptanalysis, RSA, Security, Symmetric, Asymmetric