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Securing Data in the Cloud using the SDC Algorithm

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2021
Dennis Redeemer Korda, Edward Danso Ansong, Dickson Kodzo Mawuli Hodowu

Dennis Redeemer Korda, Edward Danso Ansong and Dickson Kodzo Mawuli Hodowu. Securing Data in the Cloud using the SDC Algorithm. International Journal of Computer Applications 183(25):24-29, September 2021. BibTeX

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The past few years have seen much attention directed towards cloud computing where private and organizational usage has skyrocketed because of the flexibility it provides. Cloud computing may be exploited for a decrease in the limitations of conventional computing architectures in this way profiting an organization as far as a competitive advantage, space, time, power, cost and in any event, giving a disentangled business process. In as much as Cloud computing arises with a lot of benefits, the security challenges that it poses cannot be overestimated. The use of traditional encryption algorithms such as RSA, DGHV andGen10, to scramble the secluded data before transferring it to the cloud provider have been proposed to solve this security loophole. But, the customer ought to give the secret key tothe server to unscramble the data before performing the computations necessitated. This paper proposes a framework for a variant of the Homomorphic encryption known as SDC encryption algorithm which allows performing calculations on scrambled data without decoding. The performance metrics of the proposed framework was carried out using the big-Oh notation and an SDC encryption library in python and then tested for correctness. The results obtained from the proposed framework of the SDC encryption algorithm indicated satisfactory performances. Hence, with the utilization of the SDC encryption algorithm, the customer's data in cloud server is secure and this also allows computations onthis encoded data. These results provide inspiring evidence for securing data in clouds using the SDC encryption algorithm.


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Fully homomorphic encryption, partially homomorphic encryption, SDC encryption algorithm and big-Oh notation.