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Characterization and Modeling of Supercapacitors Used for Hybrid Electric Energy Storage

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2021
Mustapha Elyaqouti, Lahoussine Bouhouch

Mustapha Elyaqouti and Lahoussine Bouhouch. Characterization and Modeling of Supercapacitors Used for Hybrid Electric Energy Storage. International Journal of Computer Applications 183(26):9-15, September 2021. BibTeX

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The electricity storage is a major issue due to the intermittency of the renewable energy sources. In general, lead-acid batteries are the most common and widely used electrochemical devices for energy storage.In order to extend the lifetime of these batteries, new and complementary materials were invented, such as supercapacitors, which in some cases led to develop new electric energy storage systems.In this paper, we present a study investigates to characterization and modeling the supercapacitors by using two models, RC-constructor model and multibranch model, under Matlab-Simulink environment. This study led us to predict the electrical behavior of the supercapacitors in electricity production facilities based renewable energy.


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Electricity Storage; Supercapacitors; RC-constructor model; Multibranch model