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Efficient Integer DCT based Image Watermarking Schemes in Smart Phones

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2021
Chetan K.R.

Chetan K.R.. Efficient Integer DCT based Image Watermarking Schemes in Smart Phones. International Journal of Computer Applications 183(31):1-8, October 2021. BibTeX

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Recent trends have dramatically changed the way one uses their mobile phones. What was once simply a cell phone has become a multi-purpose mobile computing device. Increased power and computing capabilities coupled with decreased size have made it possible to add functionality and combine previously separate operations into a single unit. Many mobile phones are equipped with high resolution digital cameras. Their users are capturing images and sharing them with others by sending them as email attachments, multimedia messages or via Bluetooth. Digital watermarking is adding an ownership information in multimedia contents to prove the authenticity.

This paper proposes an image watermarking scheme for ensuring authenticity of captured images. IMEI number is used as watermark. This work also aims at studying the robustness of the system under various kinds of attacks such additive noise, cropping, scaling attack. The proposed system has been tested on Android based Smart Phones. The results confirm the effectiveness of the scheme in providing efficient attack identification.


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Integer DCT, Watermark Generation, Bit shuffling, PSNR