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Design and Build Color Detection Tool Prototype with Arduino Uno

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2021
Samsu Tuwongkesong, Anthoinete P.Y. Waroh, Muchdar D. Patabo, Tony J. Wungkana

Samsu Tuwongkesong, Anthoinete P Y Waroh, Muchdar D Patabo and Tony J Wungkana. Design and Build Color Detection Tool Prototype with Arduino Uno. International Journal of Computer Applications 183(36):40-46, November 2021. BibTeX

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The ball sorting process still uses the manual method, while this method is often inaccurate and the results vary due to the different perceptions of each person. In line with the development of science and technology today, the sorting process has been developed with automatic systems for effectiveness in use, as well as accuracy. the results obtained.

This study aims to make a ball sorting prototype with a TCS3200 color sensor to distinguish ball colors using an Arduino Uno microcontroller as a control tool. The detected ball color information is displayed on the LCD.

The method used is the Prototype Design Method starting at the stage of literature study and data collection. Continued software and hardware design for the needs of color detection devices, then the stage of making a control system on the prototype, then the testing stage. Prototype This color detector works by detecting the color of the ball, after being detected by the TCS200 sensor, the servo motor will direct the ball to the shelter (box) according to the color of the ball.


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Arduino Uno, LCD, Sensor TCS3200 and Motor Servo