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Best Practices for Securing Financial Data and PII in Public Cloud

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2021
Pankti Desai, Thaier Hamid

Pankti Desai and Thaier Hamid. Best Practices for Securing Financial Data and PII in Public Cloud. International Journal of Computer Applications 183(40):1-6, December 2021. BibTeX

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The financial sector has been one of the more cautious industries when it comes to adoption of new technologies. However, considering the massive benefits and opportunities cloud adoption can potentially provide, financial institutions are now ready to get on to the cloud adoption journey. This introduces a number of challenges for these institutions around storage of sensitive financial data and personal identifiable information (PII) in public cloud.This research reviews the challenges faced by financial institutions in storing their financial data and PII in public cloud infrastructure and aims to derive best practices based on their learnings. Senior stakeholders from large UK organisations were interviewed for collecting details based on their real-life experiences. The learnings are then validated by comparing to the industry best practices. As a result, this paper provides insights into several best practices around storing sensitive data in the public cloud that will further guide other financial institutions adopting the cloud.


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Public Cloud, financial data, PII, cloud security, financial institutions, cloud security best practices, data privacy, data security.