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Integration and Performance Investigation of Multilevel Inverter with Half Bridge and Developed H-bridge Configurations

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2021
Mahwish Memon, Mukhtiar Ahmed Mahar, Aneeqa Sattar

Mahwish Memon, Mukhtiar Ahmed Mahar and Aneeqa Sattar. Integration and Performance Investigation of Multilevel Inverter with Half Bridge and Developed H-bridge Configurations. International Journal of Computer Applications 183(41):51-54, December 2021. BibTeX

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This document introduces a new structure of power switches for Developed H-bridge with half bridge connected in cascade to provide increased of a nine-stepped output voltage inverter. The proposed model requires lesser number of switches and dc power sources, which results in decreasing the complexity of total cost of inverter. The multi-carrier pulse width modulation (LS-PD-PWM) method is designed to reduce the percentage of (THD) Total harmonic distortion. The output voltage THD is calculated using FFT analysis tool and is found to be 13.97%. The results taken by simulation are validated using MATLAB/SIMULINK software.


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Multilevel Inverter, POD-PWM, Cascaded H-Bridge inverter, MATLAB/Simulink Model.