Call for Paper - May 2023 Edition
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Volume 184

Number 1

Editor's choice: Recognition of Handwritten Flowcharts using Convolutional Neural Networks
Author : C. David Betancourt Montellano, C. Onder Francisco Campos Garcia, Roberto Oswaldo Cruz Leija

Number 2

Editor's choice: Design of an NB-IoT Smart Metering solution: Coverage and capacity planning: Case of Yaoundé and Douala
Author : Deussom Djomadji Eric Michel, Magoudaya David, Feudjio Cyrille, Michael Ekonde Sone

Number 3

Number 4

Editor's choice: FaRes: A Face Recognition System based on Motion Detection and Image Super Resolution
Author : Lionel Landry Sop Deffo, Elie Fute Tagne

Number 5

Editor's choice: Secure Selective Image Encryption Technique for Real Time Applications
Author : Kiran, Parameshachari B.D.

Number 6

Editor's choice: Securing Oil Tank Level Control System against Adversary Attacks using Fuzzy Logic Technique
Author : P. Enyindah, C. Onukwugha, E.N. Osegi

Number 7

Editor's choice: Computational Intelligence in Serious Games: A Case Study to Identify Patterns in a Game for Children with Learning Disabilities
Author : Andreia M. Domingues, Sabrinna Delgado, Marcia A.S. Bissaco, Sidnei A. De Araújo

Number 8

Editor's choice: An Efficient Keyword Searching Algorithm for Information Retrieval from Desktop
Author : S. Vijayarani, R. Janani, S. Dinesh

Number 9

Number 10

Editor's choice: Classification of Tooth Decay by Computer-Aided Diagnostics using Laser Speckle Image Analysis
Author : João Vagner Pereira Da Silva, Sandra Kalil Bussadori, Maria Lucia Z. Varellis, Alessandro M. Deana

Number 11

Editor's choice: A Modified Version of Canny Filter Applied to Identify Oxidation Points in Steel Plate
Author : Antonio Eduardo Assis Amorim, Líria Baptista De Rezende, Suzana De Almeida Prado Pohl Sanzovo

Number 12

Editor's choice: Computational Modeling and Assessment of Acceptance Level of Virtual Learning Platforms
Author : William Akotam Agangiba, Millicent Agangiba, George Essah Yaw Okai

Number 13

Editor's choice: Catalyzing Uninterrupted Energy Availability in Nigeria through Decentralized Off-Grid Hybrid Energy Exploitation
Author : Ajeba S. Wilfred, Adebanji Bankole, Owoeye F. Kemisola

Number 14

Editor's choice: Artificial Neural Network Comparison on hERG Channel Blockade Detection
Author : Haibo Liu, Tessa De Korte, Sylvain Bernasconi, Christophe Bleunven, Damiano Lombardi, Muriel Boulakia

Number 15

Number 16

Number 17

Number 18

Editor's choice: An Efficient Security for Unstructured Big Data using a Reconfigurable Security Suite
Author : Parashiva Murthy B.M., Sumithra Devi K.A.

Number 19

Number 20

Editor's choice: Improvement CBIR Performance of Region-based Segmentation on DCT Images
Author : Suhendro Y. Irianto, Sri Karnila, Dona Yuliawati

Number 21

Number 22

Editor's choice: Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) based Epileptic Seizure Recognition
Author : Sunil Kumar D.S., Mamatha Mallesh, Bharath K.N., Susmitha B.C., Kiran

Number 23

Editor's choice: Deployment of an Enhanced Web-based Really Simple Syndication (RSS) Aggregator
Author : Alhassan Abdul-Barik, Farudeen Yussif, Malik Sumaila Bipembi

Number 24

Number 25

Number 26

Editor's choice: An Optimized Path-Planning Concept for a Micro-Mouse Robot for Autonomous Applications in Terrained Environments
Author : Sindhusree M., Aishwarya N., Aditya T.B., Pavithra G., T.C. Manjunath

Number 27

Editor's choice: Risk Assessment of Integrated Library System using COBIT 5 Framework
Author : Nizar Robbani, Imam Riadi

Number 28

Editor's choice: Land Cover Classification of Satellite Imagery using Deep Learning
Author : Vismaya Prakasan, Romita Pawar, Aditee Pachpande

Number 29

Editor's choice: Satisfying Essential Normalization Properties of Neutrosophic Decomposed Relations
Author : Soumitra De, Jaydev Mishra

Number 30

Number 31

Editor's choice: A Morphological Pyramids Approach to Grayscale Image Enhancement
Author : Anthony Aidoo, Frank Arthur, Gloria A. Botchway

Number 32

Editor's choice: Security and Performance Analysis of Chaos-based Image Encryption Schemes
Author : Abdul-Gabbar T. Al-Tamimi, Bushra Abduh Mohammed Aljafary

Number 33

Editor's choice: Multi-Object Detection and Localization of Artefacts in Endoscopy Images
Author : Madhura Prakash M., Krishnamurthy G.N.

Number 34

Editor's choice: A New Rank Metric Codes based Identification Scheme
Author : Peter Arnaud Kidoudou, Regis F. Babindamana, Benjamin Mampassi

Number 35

Number 36

Number 37

Number 38

Editor's choice: Wheelchair Controlling by eye movements using EOG based Human Machine Interface and Artificial Neural Network
Author : Aminollah Golrou, Nasrin Rafiei, Mahdieh Sabouri

Number 39

Number 40

Editor's choice: Stability of Conditional Invariant Sets of Control Systems
Author : Mahadevaswamy B.S.

Number 41

Editor's choice: Security System Uses CCTV Camera as Facial Image Recognition using Face-API
Author : Olga Engelien Melo, Harson Kapoh, Ventje Ferdy Aror, Ali Akbar Ramchie

Number 42

Editor's choice: IoT Device Identity Management and Blockchain for Security and Data Integrity
Author : Pranav Gangwani, Santosh Joshi, Himanshu Upadhyay, Leonel Lagos

Number 43

Editor's choice: Performance Analysis of Six Chaos Cryptographic Algorithms for Image Encryption
Author : Muhamad Andika Rosy, Asep Juarna, Dina Anggraini

Number 44

Editor's choice: Stability of General Dynamical Systems
Author : Mahadevaswamy B.S.

Number 45

Editor's choice: Micro-services Transactions Resilience Across Bounded Domains: An Architecture Perspective
Author : Sreenivasa Rao Vangala, Ravi Kiran Mallidi, V.L. Prasuna Appili

Number 46

Editor's choice: Modeling and Simulation of Cooperative Communication based on IRSs in Tera Hertz Bands
Author : Mohamed Shalaby, Doaa Helmy, Mona Shokair

Number 47

Editor's choice: Frequency Response Analysis for T-S Fuzzy Systems
Author : Shinq-Jen Wu

Number 48

Number 49

Editor's choice: Statistical Machine Translation from Indonesian to Regional Languages in Indonesia
Author : Dewi Soyusiawaty, Bella Okta Sari Miranda

Number 50

Number 51

Number 52