Call for Paper - July 2023 Edition
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Number 10 (ISBN: 973-93-80867-48-4)

# Article Title
1 Improving the Efficiency of Background Subtraction using Superpixel Extraction and Midpoint for Centroid
Authors : K. Suganya Devi, N. Malmurugan, S. Poornima
2 Token Bus based MAC protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors : P. Udayakumar, Ranjana Vyas, O. P. Vyas
3 Experimental Investigation of Chaos in Input Regulated Solar PV Powered Cuk Converter
Authors : M. Vaigundamoorthi, R. Ramesh
4 CDTAs –based Current-Mode Multifunction Filter Employing Grounded Capacitors
Authors : Anisur Rehman Nasir, S. N. Ahmad
5 A Case Study on Software Development Projects in Academic Knowledge Centers using SCRUM
Authors : Sonali Pathak, Pushpendra Pateriya, Preet Pal
6 Modified Non-Recursive Algorithm for Reconstructing a Binary Tree
Authors : Nitin Arora, Vivek Kumar Tamta, Suresh Kumar
7 Fault-Tolerant Model Predictive Control of Hybrid Systems
Authors : Yosra Hammi, Nadia Zanzouri, Mekki Ksouri
8 Determine Optimal Coefficients of IIR Digital Filters using Simulated Annealing
Authors : Ranjit Singh Chauhan, Sandeep Kumar Arya