Call for Paper - July 2023 Edition
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Number 13 (ISBN: 973-93-80867-61-7)

# Article Title
1 Quartic B-Spline Collocation Method for Fifth Order Boundary Value Problems
Authors : K. N. S. Kasi Viswanadham, Y. Showri Raju
2 Performance Evaluation of a LAN under Different Ethernet Wiring Standards with Different Frame Size
Authors : Mohammad Wazid, Roshan Singh Sachan, R. H. Goudar
3 Uncertainty Modeling of Radiological Risk using Probability and Possibility Methods
Authors : Tazid Ali, Hrishikesh Boruah, Palash Dutta
4 Ontology based Specifications for Software Reliability Advancement
Authors : Shilpa Sharma, Maya Ingle
5 Software Reliability Estimation Models: A Comparative Analysis
Authors : Feroza Haque, Sanjay Bansal
6 Sector based Multi-hop Clustering Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors : Bore Gowda S B, Puttamadappa C, Mruthyunjaya H S, Babu N V
7 A Pair-Pattern Vector Space Model of Semantics based Prototype Model for Spreading Medical Awareness in Rural Areas
Authors : Sukanya Ray, Nidhi Chandra
8 Enhancement of fuzzy c-means clustering using EM algorithm
Authors : Esh Narayan, Yogesh Birla, Gaurav Kumar Tak