Call for Paper - November 2023 Edition
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Number 18 (ISBN: 973-93-80867-66-2)

# Article Title
1 On the Convergence of Logistic Map in NOOR Orbit
Authors : Renu Chugh, Mamta Rani, Ashish
2 Regular Weakly Generalized Closed Sets in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Topological Spaces
Authors : P. Rajarajeswari, L. Senthil Kumar
3 A Study on Image Retrieval by Low Level Features
Authors : Nareshkumar . S, Vijayarajan . V
4 Identifying Stable Network in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Authors : S. Vikram Phaneendra, Sreenivasulu. T, B. Jalaja Kumari
5 Detecting False Data in Wireless Sensor Network using Efficient Becan Scheme
Authors : S. Sajithabanu, M. Durairaj
6 An Appropriate Cloud Computing Business Model and Its Services for Developing Countries: A Comparison of Cloud Computing Business Model in Indonesia
Authors : Roland Tumbelaka Palar, Danny Manongga, Wiranto H. Utomo
7 BrainLock: A Generic Mu Rhythm based Locking System
Authors : Gove Nitinkumar Rajendra, Rajneesh Kaur Bedi, Bhor Rohan Tatyaba