Call for Paper - January 2023 Edition
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Number 4 (ISBN: 973-93-80870-19-1)

# Article Title
1 Emotion Detection using Lexical Chains
Authors : M. Naveen Kumar, R. Suresh
2 Efficient Pattern Matching Algorithm for Classified Brain Image
Authors : Ragavachari Harini, C. Chandrasekar
3 Dynamics of Antifractals in Noor Orbit
Authors : Ashish, Mamta Rani, Renu Chugh
4 NEMIDSOFT: A Web-based Software as an Aid to the Identification of Nematodes
Authors : Ali Chenari Bouket
5 Artificial Neural Networks based Classification Technique for Iris Recognition
Authors : Shreyansh Daftry
6 Cloudtarun: Application Simulated over GAE using Android Emulators
Authors : Tarun Goyal, Ajit Singh, Aakanksha Agrawal
7 Power and Time Efficient Structural Cloud for Hierarchical Peer to Peer Networking
Authors : R. A. Karthika, A. Shajin Nargunam
8 Model Selection for Radio Propagation in Suburban Niche with Low Roof Residential Scenario
Authors : Sumit Joshi, Vishal Gupta, Sandeep Vijay