Call for Paper - March 2023 Edition
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Number 1 (ISBN: 973-93-80876-31-6)

# Article Title
1 Web Usage Mining: A Concise Survey on Tools and Applications
Authors : Arun Kumar Singh, Dheeraj Sharma, Avinav Pathak
2 Data Mining for Detecting Carelessness or Mala Fide Intention
Authors : Rajesh Kumar
3 Resolving Packet Loss in a Computer Centre Applications
Authors : M. Rajalakshmi, C. Angel, K. M. Brindha Shree
4 Video Surveillance System for Security Applications
Authors : Vidya A. S, V. K. Govindan
5 Designing Graph Database Models from Existing Relational Databases
Authors : Subhrajyoti Bordoloi, Bichitra Kalita
6 Novel Architecture of High Speed Parallel MAC using Carry Select Adder
Authors : Deepika Setia, Charu Madhu
7 Hand Gesture Recognition using Multiclass Support Vector Machine
Authors : Md. Hafizur Rahman, Jinia Afrin
8 Removal of Salt and Pepper Noise through Modified PSM Filter
Authors : Shivpratap Pandey, Md. Rashid Ansari, Rupali Kushwaha