Call for Paper - January 2024 Edition
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Volume 94

Number 1

Editor's choice: A Fuzzy Neural Network Fault Diagnostic System
Author : Mohamed, A. H

Number 2

Editor's choice: Falcon-AO++: An Improved Ontology Alignment System
Author : Fatsuma Jauro, S. B. Junaidu, S. E. Abdullahi

Number 3

Editor's choice: SLIM - Simple Lightweight and Intuitive Multicast Protocol for MANETs
Author : Arshad Shaikh, Safiullah Faizullah, Danish Vasan, Zohaib Ahmed

Number 4

Number 5

Editor's choice: On the Notion of Semantic Correctness: A Context-based Approach
Author : Priso Essawe-ndedi, Marcel Fouda-ndjodo

Number 6

Editor's choice: An Extension of MAC Protocol for Mobility Detection and Efficient Data Transmission
Author : Ankur V. Gondha, Arjav A. Bavarva

Number 7

Editor's choice: Comparative Performance of the Integration of ETM-8 and ERS-1 Data for Geological Application
Author : Ayman H. Nasr, Mohamed R. Metwalli

Number 8

Editor's choice: Fuzzy Logic Approach to Credit Scoring for Micro Finance in Ghana: A Case Study of KWIQPLUS Money Lending
Author : Umar Farouk Ibn Abdulrahman, Joseph Kobina Panford, James Ben Hayfron-acquah

Number 9

Editor's choice: Mining Web Access Patterns using Root-set of Suffix Trees
Author : Manira Akhter, Ashin Ara Bithi, Abu Ahmed Ferdaus

Number 10

Editor's choice: SPS by Combination of Crossover Types and Changeable Mutation SGA
Author : Dinesh Bhagwan Hanchate, Rajankumar S. Bichkar

Number 11

Editor's choice: The Evolution of Aircraft Data Networks
Author : Nour El-din Safwat, M. A. El-dakroury, Abdelhalim Zekry

Number 12

Number 13

Editor's choice: Feature Ranking in Sentiment Analysis
Author : Maryam K. Jawadwala, Seema Kolkur

Number 14

Number 15

Editor's choice: Optimal Control with an Isoperimetric Constraint Applied to Cancer Immunotherapy
Author : Amine Hamdache, Ilias Elmouki, Smahane Saadi

Number 16

Editor's choice: Travelling Salesman Problem using Dynamic Approach
Author : Reem Al Zoubi, Asiya Abdus Salam

Number 17

Editor's choice: Adopting an Agile Approach for the Development of Mobile Applications
Author : Harleen K. Flora, Swati V. Chande, Xiaofeng Wang

Number 18

Editor's choice: Accepting Inferred Student Solutions by Tutoring System in an Ill-Defined Domain
Author : Hameedullah Kazi, Asia Kainat Awan

Number 19

Editor's choice: System for Communicating a Vehicle Position and Speed during Accident
Author : Nazar Elfadil, Sultan Aljahdali, Mohammed Moawad

Number 20

Editor's choice: Using a Random Perturbation-based Scheme for establishing Authentic Associations in Wireless Mesh Network
Author : Walaa El-salhy, Fayed F. M. Ghaleb, Ahmed M. Khedr