Call for Paper - November 2022 Edition
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Number 16 (ISBN: 973-93-80882-36-7)

# Article Title
1 PSD based Coherence Analysis of EEG Signals for Stroop Task
Authors : Sukhada A. Unde, Revati Shriram
2 Runtime and Space Complexity Comparison of the various Association Algorithms
Authors : K. Fathima Bibi, M. Nazreen Banu
3 Fuzzy Petri Net Model for Dynamic Alert Management System
Authors : S. Jayasudha, A. Ammu Qudsiya, K. Ramanathan
4 Baseline Drift Removal and De-Noising of the ECG Signal using Wavelet Transform
Authors : Iffat Ara, Md. Najmul Hossain, S. M. Yahea Mahbub
5 A Survey on Ensemble Combination Schemes of Neural Network
Authors : Varuna Tyagi, Anju Mishra
6 Segmentation of Multi-Textured Images using Optimized Local Ternary Patterns
Authors : G. Madasamy Raja, V. Sadasivam
7 Built in Self-Test for 4 × 4 Signed and Unsigned Multipliers in FPGA
Authors : Shrikant Vaishnav, Puran Gaur, Braj Bihari Soni
8 Driver Assistance System based on Raspberry Pi
Authors : Narayan Pandharinath Pawar, Minakshee M. Patil