Call for Paper - March 2023 Edition
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Number 4 (ISBN: 973-93-80892-70-7)

# Article Title
1 Design and Analysis of High Performance Novel 3T XOR Gate based 32-bit Adder at 28nm Technology
Authors : Sherpal Kaur, Parminder Singh
2 Binarization of Document Images
Authors : Anmol Sharma, Monika Aggarwal
3 A Novel Approach for Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio
Authors : Avonpreet Kaur, Shweta Rani, Sushil Kakkar
4 Comparative Analysis of Image Compression Techniques using SVD, DCT and DWT
Authors : Arshdeep Singh, Kamal Goyal, Navdeep Goel, Vaibhav Phutela
5 Video Transmission through GMSK using GNU Radio
Authors : Amritpal Singh, Shweta Rani, Sushil Kakkar
6 The Effect of Nano-Additive Blended Water-Diesel Emulsion Fuel on CI Engine Performance and Emissions- A review
Authors : Rajwinder Singh, Sumeet Sharma, D. Gangacharyulu
7 Nanofluids Preparation and Stability for Heat Transfer Applications – A Review
Authors : Amarinder Singh, Sumeet Sharma, D. Gangacharyulu