CFP last date
20 June 2024

International Conference on Advancements in Engineering and Technology (ICAET 2015) (ICQUEST2015)

Authors: C.s. Aher, M.n. Thakare, P.r.lakhe
Authors: Nitin S. Duryodhan, and R. R. Gawande
Authors: A.P.waghmare, P.A. Dode, and H.S. Chore
Authors: P.a.deshmukh, and Y.a.sadawarte
Authors: Amoghvikram Ashok Jaiswal, N. S. Kapse, P.a. Dode, and H.s. Chore
Authors: Sagar R. Raut, P. P. Saklecha, and P. L. Nagtode