Call for Paper - June 2022 Edition
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Volume 121

Number 1

Editor's choice: Mobile Sink and Ant Colony Optimization based Energy Efficient Routing Algorithm
Author : Navpreet Kaur, Jatinder Pal Sharma

Number 2

Editor's choice: Improved Texture Enhanced Image Denoising
Author : Jeetesh Kumar Rajak, Achint Chugh

Number 3

Number 4

Editor's choice: Grammatical Swarm based Segmentation Methodology for Lesion Segmentation in Brain MRI
Author : Tapas Si, Arunava De, Anup Kumar Bhattacharjee

Number 5

Editor's choice: Comparisons among different Types of Single Phase Step Down AC to DC Converters
Author : Adnan Mohammad, Abdullah Al Manzur, Ashique Ibni Aziz

Number 6

Editor's choice: VHDL Implementation of Robust WI-FI Positioning System
Author : Lingaraj Duggani, Udaykumar L. Naik, Vijay Rayar

Number 7

Editor's choice: Mobile Banking System based on Certificateless Chameleon Hash Function
Author : Tejeshwari Thakur, Birendra Kumar Sharma

Number 8

Editor's choice: 3-D Air Flow in a Toroidal Natural Convection Loop
Author : Manal H. Saleh

Number 9

Editor's choice: Real Time Intrusion and Wormhole Attack Detection in Internet of Things
Author : Pavan Pongle, Gurunath Chavan

Number 10

Editor's choice: Real-Time Horizon Line Detection based on Fusion of Classification and Clustering
Author : Ali Pour Yazdanpanah, Emma E. Regentova, Venkatesan Muthukumar, George Bebis

Number 11

Number 12

Editor's choice: Unified Model Reference Adaptive Attitude Control of a Satellite in Presence of Uncertain Parameters: Design and Implementation
Author : Farhad Fani Saberi, Sadegh Ahmadi Dastgerdi, Mehdi Zandieh

Number 13

Editor's choice: Exponential Lomax Distribution
Author : A. H. El-bassiouny, N. F. Abdo, H. S. Shahen

Number 14

Number 15

Number 16

Editor's choice: Design Advance Database Supported with some of Data Mining Ensemble for Early Deduction of Osteoporosis
Author : Anhar Khairy Al-deen, Kubais Saeed Fahady, Reem Ali Al-jarah

Number 17

Editor's choice: High Connectivity with Minimum BER in Wireless Sensor Networks
Author : Mohammed Amal, Ben Bella S. Tawfik

Number 18

Editor's choice: A Proposed Solution for Partial Shadowing
Author : Mohamed Nageh, Wagdy R. Anis, Ismail M. Hafez

Number 19

Editor's choice: Rough Set Approach in Finding the Cause of Decline and Down Fall of Jute Industries and the Remedy
Author : Sujogya Mishra, Shakti Prasad Mohanty, Sateesh Kumar Pradhan, Radhanath Hota

Number 20

Editor's choice: Effect of Different Modulation Techniques Comparison of Linear MIMO Receivers
Author : Saifullah Adnan, Naveed Ur Rehman, Mohammad Irshad Zahoor

Number 21

Number 22

Number 23

Editor's choice: Extracting the Classification Rules from General Fuzzy Min-Max Neural Network
Author : S. V. Shinde, U. V. Kulkarni, A. N. Chaudhary

Number 24

Editor's choice: System of Linear Fractional Integro-Differential Equations by using Adomian Decomposition Method
Author : M. H. Saleh, D. Sh. Mohamed, M. H. Ahmed, M. K. Marjan