Call for Paper - July 2018 Edition
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Number 14 (ISBN: 973-93-80889-45-0)

# Article Title
1 Ber Analysis of Turbo Code Interleaver
Authors : Prabhavati D. Bahirgonde, Shantanu K. Dixit
2 A New Short Signature Scheme from Weil Pairing
Authors : Subhas Chandra Sahana, Somen Debnath, Bubu Bhuyan
3 Probabilistic Distance Clustering: A Spatial Clustering Approach for Remote Sensing Imagery
Authors : Y. Jayababu, G.P.S. Varma, A. Govardhan
4 Identification of Merged Bio-cryptic Patterns using Bio-Pattern Recognition Algorithm in Security Levels of Wireless Local Area Network
Authors : Ajay Babu Moparthi, Sudhakar Godi, Rajasekhara Rao Kurra
5 Sentiment Analysis of Political Reviews in Punjabi Language
Authors : Parul Arora, Brahmaleen Kaur
6 Design and Implementation of Semantic based Search Engine for Punjabi
Authors : Tanjyot Aurora, Brahmaleen Kaur
7 Water-Filling: A Novel Approach of Load Rebalancing for File Systems in Cloud
Authors : Divya Diwakar, Sushil Chaturvedi, S.K. Shrivastava
8 Comparison of Privacy Preserving Single-Keyword Search and Multi-Keyword Ranked Search Techniques over Encrypted Cloud Data
Authors : Madane S.A., B.M. Patil