Call for Paper - July 2022 Edition
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Number 10 (ISBN: 973-93-80889-99-5)

# Article Title
1 Methods of Detection and Resolution of Anomalies in Business Rule: Comparative Study
Authors : Addamssiri Najiba, Azzeddine Dahbi, Mohammed Mouhir, Abdelouhaed Kriouile, Taoufiq Gadi
2 Cloud Computing Cost and Negotiation: A Survey
Authors : Jayasankar R, Poonam Ghuli
3 Development of English to Yorùbá Machine Translation System for Yorùbá Verbs’ Tone Changing
Authors : Safiriyu I. Eludiora, Abayomi O. Agbeyangi, O.I. Fatusin
4 Design and Simulation of Convolutional Viterbi Decoder with Rate-1/3 for MIMO-OFDM System
Authors : Atiya Arshi Sheikh, Mohd Abdullah, Pritesh Tiwari
5 A Hierarchical Registration Algorithm based on Comparative Centerline Assessment Technique for Evaluating Altered Tortuosity in Cerebral Vessels
Authors : Abanti Shama Afroz, Puspita Saha
6 A Novel Multimodal Medical Image Fusion Approach based on Phase Congruency and Directive Contrast in NSCT Domain
Authors : S. Anitha, T. Subhashini, M. Kamaraju
7 A Survey on Software Bug Evaluation
Authors : Shweta Soner, Swapnil Soner, Maya Yadav
8 Comparison of Swarm Intelligence Techniques for Improved Information Retrieval System
Authors : Priyanka J. Howale, Sanketa S. Pradhan, Shraddha G. Lohar, Mehul D.Redekar, Anagha N. Chaudhari